0,33lStrong Beef Broth
with meat and noodles
52 Kč


100gRoast Goose Liver
on shallots and Port wine
135 Kč
80gCrackling Spread
62 Kč

Brewery Specialty

500gCapital Spare Ribs
Coleslaw salad, french fries
275 Kč
150gCheesburger "Lihovar"
our home-made sesame bun, carpathian chuck roll, bacon, cheddar, steak fries, dip
255 Kč
180gDark Beer-Braised Pork Cheeks
with vegetables, mashed potatoes
235 Kč
600gConfit Goose Breast
Red Cabbage with Apples and Nuts, Potatoe and Carlsbad Dumplings
255 Kč

Minute Meals

250gBeef Rump Steak (Argentina)
with herb butter, demi-glace
325 Kč
200gBeef Flank Steak
creamy mushroom peppercorn sauce
255 Kč
200gPork Tenderloin Medallions
sun-dried tomato Parmesan cream sauce
210 Kč
250gPork Neck Steak
glazed pearl onions, demi-glace
195 Kč
170gStuffed Chicken breast
with Parma ham and mozzarella
195 Kč
170gChicken Steak
with grilled vegetables
185 Kč
170gFried Chicken Cutlets 175 Kč
200gSalmon Steak
steamed buttered vegetables
275 Kč

Evening Beer Snacks (served from 5 p.m.)

1 ksBeer-Braised Pork Knuckle (whole)
fresh horseradish with apples, mustard, bread (1 - 1.3 kg)
255 Kč
150gBeef Steak Tartare
with fried bread
199 Kč
6 ksMarinated Baked Chicken Wings
french fries, Coleslaw salad
155 Kč
200gDark Beer-Simmered Grilled Sausages
with Bread
89 Kč
200gHome-Made Potato Pancakes
white sauerkraut, onions
89 Kč
100gPickled Sausage
with bread
55 Kč
120gPickled Brie-Style Camembert
with bread
85 Kč
900g"Blind Mice"
baked crispy garlic potato slices
99 Kč
250g"Beer Straw"
bread "fries" with cheese and garlic sauce
89 Kč
1 ksFried bread With Spicy Meat and Vegetable Mixture 95 Kč
70gWarm Freshly Roasted Almonds 99 Kč

Salads and Vegetarian Meals

300gCeasar Salad
with chicken
175 Kč
120gBaked Camembert
cornflake-crusted, mixed vegetable salad with vinaigrette, cranberries, toast
175 Kč
150gVegetarian Tempeh Burger
steak fries, herb dip
195 Kč
with sun-dried tomato pesto, grilled vegetables, Parmesan and lamb's lettuce
175 Kč
100gFried Cheese 105 Kč
120gFried Camembert 110 Kč
3 ksGerman Steamed Blueberry Dumplings
with cottage cheese, butter
155 Kč

Children Meals

80gChicken Schnitzel 75 Kč
100gPenne with Creamy Cheese Sauce 75 Kč
50gFried Cheese 65 Kč
1 ksGerman Steamed Blueberry Dumpling
with cottage cheese, butter
55 Kč


Chocolate Cheesecake
with Wild Berry Sauce
85 Kč
Warm Raspberries
over vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
75 Kč
Ice Cream Bowl
with whipped cream
49 Kč

Side Dishes

200gBoiled Potatoes 42 Kč
200gFrench Fries 45 Kč
200gAmerican Spicy Crispy Potatoes 45 Kč
200gCroquettes 45 Kč
200gMashed Potatoes 45 Kč
200gOur Home-Made Potato Pancakes 55 Kč
4 ksCarlsbad Dumpling 45 Kč
200gGrilled Fava Beans 58 Kč
200gOven-Roasted Corn 58 Kč
200gGrilled Vegetables 60 Kč
200gMixed Vegetable Salad
side dish
48 Kč
200gShopska Salad
side dish
60 Kč
200gColeslaw Salad 65 Kč
Basket of Bakery Products 25 Kč


30gHome-Made Tartar Sauce 25 Kč
30gKetchup 25 Kč
30gHerb Dressing 25 Kč
20gSweet Chilli Sauce 25 Kč


80gIvančice Chips 39 Kč
100gPeanuts 39 Kč
100gChips (different flavors according to the menu) 39 Kč
100gSticks (Bohemia, Cahovy) 29 Kč